Meet The Team

Founders, Directors and Coaches

PowerEd was founded in 2019 by Terri Kalis, Aimee Barrett-Theron and Nicky Steel. All 3 share a common passion: to help kids move better so they experience fewer injuries and grow up feeling confident and with a love for being active.


Our Coaching Team

All our coaches share our passion to help kids enjoy being physically active. Expertise is important to us so all PowerEd head coaches (who lead a session) are qualified in physiotherapy, biokinetics or sports/exercise coaching . Our assistant coaches have extensive experience in physical activity training or personally.

Terri Kalis.jpg

Terri Kalis

Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, sports woman and mother of 3

Director, Program Developer and Coach

Aimee Barrett-Theron.jpg

Aimee Barrett-Theron

Biokinetist with Masters in Sports Injuries, sports woman and SA rugby referee

Director, Program Developer and Coach

Nicky Steel.jpg

Nicky Steel

Marketing and business strategist, sports woman and mother of 2

Director, Business Operations and Assistant Coach


Jane Seggie

Physiotherapist with Honours in Sports Science; hockey coach; mountain biker and mother of 3

PowerEd Coach


Alex Elliot

Biokineticist; qualified Foundation Phase teacher; big fan of adventures & life outdoors

PowerEd Coach


Greg Andrews

Personal trainer; Western Province Touch Rugby and U15 & U17 girls coach

PowerEd Assistant Coach


Lance Stevens

Biokineticist; rugby, touch rugby & football coach; personal training degree and sportsman

Johannesburg Regional Manager and PowerEd coach